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Every day I go out and see stuff with my own eyes, and then I go to report it on Twitter and see promoted tweets saying the opposite of what I saw. Twitter is taking money from Chinese propaganda outfits and running add promoted tweets against the top Hong Kong protest hashtags pic.

While there have been clashes between police and protesters since the protests began in June, on Sunday at least 1. With 1.

Matter of fact, the demonstrations are so orderly Hong Kong protesters have been returning to clean up after themselves after clashes with the police. I just came home from a completely peaceful march where possibly a million Hong Kong residents came out, with no police in sight, to call china - Hong Kong adult ads basic democratic rights. What greets me is straight up lies from Xinhua about "bands of thugs", courtesy of Dubai filipina girls advertising.

china - Hong Kong adult ads Because Twitter is blocked in mainland China and the Chinese government controls what news its citizens can see, most people in the mainland will never have a chance Kont seeing the paid posts Twitter is allowing Xinhua to run. This suggests the Chinese government is trying to influence an international audience about the Hong Kong protests. By Michael Grothaus 2 minute Read.

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